Aug 22

4 States for 5 Conventions in 6 Weeks (is almost over!) -


This, ladies and gentlemen, has been an insanely busy summer. Seriously.

I mean, my car is DIRTY and my house needs cleaning. Those of you close to my life in the real world know that THIS NEVER HAPPENS! I just haven’t had time. I’ve barely had time to sleep. The result, though, has been a life…

Aug 18


Ladies and gentlemen, 

Pages from the Invader Zim SHOW BIBLE is online for the first time ever. Up until this week you would not have found it anywhere.  Not on Room With A Moose, not Buzzy World’s Amazing Invader Zim Site, not anywhere.  

A huge thank you is in order to our friends at both Soapy Waffles & Makin’ Biscuits* animation teams for unlocking this treasure trove to the fandom.  

Also here’s a handy explanation for those who are asking  ”Johnny, what’s a bible?

Enjoy, folks.  It’s a good day to be a Zim fan.  
-CB Johnny 

Aug 02

Anonymous said: Not trying to be negative, but you're saying they're PITCHING shorts, not that they've been COMMISSIONED for shorts, correct? So Nick hasn't said yes to anything...

Yes, you read us right.  No, I didn’t take that as negative.  You wanted to make sure no one’s jumping to conclusions.  That’s appreciated.

Before anyone asks:  There’s a particular connection I drew between this and a development from two years ago.  What exactly? I’ll be happy to tell you when I can.  I will ask if it’s okay to tell you what I know and therefore what I think about all of this.


What’s on the horizon?

I have a lot of of Invadercon related footage to edit together for the sake of our mission.  They will be supplemented with a few new homemade clips edited in to help smooth over some vague statements, correct some false information I gave, and the like.  

If I could summarize our outlook it would be as such: Jhonen may be busy right now but Richard and Rikki’s ambitions to get Zim shorts made deserve our full support.  Those animated shorts are key to the fight for new Zim.  It might not lead to what many expected such as a full season but we’ll be more than satisfied if a full budget project of some sort (e.g., comic book, TV animated movie, etc) run by Jhonen occurs.  

How will we support that?  it’s very simple: First we start by supporting you.   Stay tuned.  

Jul 29

nacome said: Hello, I was at the More Exciting ZIM Stuff panel, but you couldn't get to me for the fandom ideas because of TIME. But I recently saw a Sailor Moon episode where each scene was animated by different fans in their own style and set to the original audio of said episode. I don't know about the legality behind it, but I think that'd be something interesting to see done with ZIM as well.

I heard of that and think it would be such a cool thing for any fandom to try.


I think it would be legally safe enough if
A)the audio is from an incomplete episode.  None of the unfinished season two audio is on any licensed items being sold.
B) the audio is a medley of clips from different episodes as that makes it easier to cite ‘fair use’ clause.

Fanart is generally considered harmless copyright infringement. Copyright holders only send cease and desist orders to those who interfere with something like sales or (in rarer instances) marketing of a product.

want to not waste your time on a project that gets taken down? Ask yourself

-am I making any money off this? If it’s for an artist alley then was the price merely reflecting cost of materials (paint, paper) and my labor or did I jack up the price because it’s Zim?

-did I interfere with an item’s sale? Episodes are obvious but you might recall my mentioning a brony who made downloadable “My Little Pony: Magic the Gathering” decks without changing the rules of the game.  Copyrighted characters and free access to a game you’re supposed to buy? Yikes.  double whammy.

-If my work looks so polished that it looks like the real deal.. will it interfere with a holder’s business plans? My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic was free and there was no fighting game to rip off yet it was still taken down because it looked like a real product that endorsed violence.  That’s a conflict of interest.  

Keep all those things in mind when you do a fan project and I think you’ll be fine.  

fishdavidson said: Thanks for checking out my music diary from InvaderCon! And now a random question: you wouldn't happen to be that red-haired guy named Johnny that was at the front of the line for the waffles breakfast at InvaderCon this weekend? Apologies if that's a creepy question; but I was just curious

 Yes, I am Johnny.  or at least I’m Johnny right now.  Over a dozen people have access to this account.  Also no apology necessary, not creepy at all. 

Anonymous said: what about the anthem we made to keep fighting for Zim?! OHP aren't quitters all members should keep going with or without u!

Well two weeks ago I would have told you “Dude, Jhonen doesn’t seem available or interested right now.  He wanted full budget or nothing, Nickelodeon doesn’t seem willing to budge, and he’s got exciting stuff going on. Let’s bow while we still can.”  

Then I attended Invadercon 3.

people got freaked out when I said things were dying down so allow me to clarify.
-a lot of the admin (especially OHP’s founder) is unable to commit to this anymore.  That’s fine.  New trusted admin take each other’s places.

- Some active admin, myself included, were like “yeah Jhonen doesn’t seem available anymore but maybe someday?” and considered the movement needing to change its priorities to evolve and focus solely on keeping the fandom alive for the day Jhonen is available but to not directly fight for new canon episodes (or other story formats)

- and we feel OHP is a movement started by a fan, led by a team she trusted, and this team carries out an idea for fans to have a say in stuff.

 So you’re right, in the event we all died or something you should very well continue without us.  

The fandom might take initiative and do things the way we’d recommend or it might spiral down.  It’s up to you to decide if we were to go away.

 We’re guiding hands that have a clue of what they’re doing. If you take the style and approach we’ve had (except the phone line flooding era. Oh man never do that.) where we sought legitimate ways of making an impact then we’ve done a good job setting an example. 

Don’t worry though-  Kaitlynjane, myself, and some recruits are here keeping Tallest Sarah’s vision alive.  We have new reasons to be excited and still involved.  We’re not going away. I promise.

pachirisu71 said: Is operation head pigeons still go o:? Richard mentioned it at Connecticon so I found it. ^q^

Hi there! Yes, I was the one that asked him about it during the Q&A.
Ho boy.  There’s footage of our conversation where I say stuff that is already outdated and that event was a mere two weeks ago.
Yes.  We’re still kickin’ and I’m very very excited.  

Anonymous said: What is the progress of IZ's revival. Is it a success or did we fail. And if we did fail is there a chance of it ever coming back

I’m glad you asked.  Our goal used to be “we won’t rest until Invader Zim is greenlit” and then we realized some things are beyond our control so we were like “we’re out to justify Invader Zim’s huge budget”  and in that regard we definitely kicked some paks.  I just posted about a very intriguing development that changed our entire outlook on how things have been as of late.  Lets all keep an eye out. Shall we?

Anonymous said: if i delete my FB account am i still a OHP member? = (

You’re solid.  We’ve come to adapt and realize OHP is a movement rather than a structured group.  There are recognized leaders and you can follow our plans via Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.  -Johnny

Anonymous said: I read somewhere that Jhonen was getting a new show. What's the deal with that? Also, if Nick is taking Korra to strictly online release because of it's crap tv ratings and it's great streaming ratings, and with Zim and Gir themselves pitching digital Zim shorts, do you think maybe digital release is the way to go for full-fledged Zim?

We’ll be posting links to articles about it soon.  In short, he and J.R Goldberg co-created a pilot* together that was bought by a network called ‘Disney XD’ so hopefully Disney XD will like it. 

Also if anyone’s wondering what a pilot is then we’ll allow Samuel L. Jackson to explain it. 

If you attended my OHP Q&A you would have been informed that the spirit of the movement lives on and how we should never say never but things weren’t looking up… well you can forget I said that. For now at least. Also of you attended my presentation on the various cool Zim projects then I will be posting links and footage soon. -CB Johnny

Ladies and gentlemen, I have exciting news. Richard (Zim) said that he and Rikki (voice of Gir and color artist) are pitching ideas to Nickelodeon for Invader Zim digital shorts. One pitch involves a vending machine. Footage of that Q&A response to come!


Spotted this on Rotten Tomatoes’ collection of SD Comic-Con 2014 photos! I’m gonna assume these three (I like imagining there was a baby in the Minimoose) died of the relentless heat. Fun though!


Spotted this on Rotten Tomatoes’ collection of SD Comic-Con 2014 photos! I’m gonna assume these three (I like imagining there was a baby in the Minimoose) died of the relentless heat. Fun though!

(Source: rottentomatoes.com)


Making people who want sketches draw what they want me to draw first. Keeps it fun for me, and stressful for them!


Making people who want sketches draw what they want me to draw first. Keeps it fun for me, and stressful for them!