Jan 24

awilliams-art said: Have you ever looked back at your old works and wanted to stab your past self woth a pitchfork?


I sometimes wish I could go back in time and smack myself, sure, but only because I love the idea of time-smacking. However, I usually enjoy seeing what’s changed in my work and how. It would have been horrible to have doubted myself back when I was making that old stuff as part of what makes working fun is actually HAVING fun.

I knew plenty of people who were so worried that what they were making wasn’t good enough that they tripped themselves up or just didn’t push on through to get it done at all.

I don’t look at any of that old stuff of mine as perfect in any way but at the same time it is exactly what it was supposed to be for the person making it, a person who was a giggling idiot who didn’t know enough to give a shit whether what they were doing was perfect or not.

Nov 10

Anonymous said: What happened to the tallests? When I joined years ago, they were so interested and excited to get OHP up and running. Now it seems they've abandoned the cause. It's really sad..

First of all, thank you for your long term support.

Seems is a great word.  The Tallests are OHP’s founders.  They’ve made wonderful contributions to this fandom while trusting in those they’ve selected to keep the process efficient and ongoing.  We do our best to keep things evolving with the times yet also in accordance to the spirit of their vision.  They haven’t stepped down from their roles but their influence over the past year has been on the private side of OHP’s functioning.  


Nov 09

Operation Head Pigeons Website Makeover!

Good morning, to all of the pigeon headed boys and girls of the world!

We have a TON of new ideas for projects and such, as well as some cool new logos, banners, ads, and other design stuffs for our Facebook, tumblr and even twitter pages!

Please be patient with us, as it might still take us several weeks.

Also, I have picked a few people who I thought would be interested in helping, like Cassia, Mel, and Caiden. But we are willing to accept a few more people, if they are capable of making digital prints and good enough to meet our standards. Message us, or email me.
My email: kaitlynjane_@hotmail.com

I will take a look at your work and see if we can use your help.

Also, any writing, like summaries of what we’ve done, what we plan to do, and stuff relating to that will be helpful! Or even videos, or animations.
Don’t hesitate to ask!

We do this less as a way to put some of the work on you guys, and more as a way to get more people involved and get their talents noticed by other members.

Lastly, keep in mind that this does not mean that you will become a CB, but you will be treated with respect, acceptance, and definitely be credited for your work.

After all, that is pretty much how I started, as well as Anna and Johnny.

Thank youuu!

Nov 06

Anonymous said: On Invader Con II, they said that there would only be an Invader Con III if Invader Zim came back with new episodes, and there will be and Invader Con III. Does that mean Zim is back?

Wasabi Anime originally said Zim would need to come back because (paraphrasing here) they need assurance that a third would be a success. They explain it further in detail better than we can but the Kickstarter is the reason they’re doing it.

Nov 05




Oct 15


Oct 09

Invader Zim rerun coming soon!

Good news, everyone.  Nicktoons will air an hour of Invader Zim on Tuesday night.  They are doing this as a part of their plans for the Halloween season.  [Source: LocateTV]

I wasn’t sure if LocateTV was a reputable enough source so I did check my own local listings now that schedules for October 15th are available.  It’s true!

Here’s why we’re pleased:  Invader Zim hasn’t aired on United States television since April.  
Before Project Massive and Invadercon II took place we noticed that Invader Zim was mostly on graveyard slots weekday nights and also afternoons for Sunday.  That’s not bad for a decade old cancelled program.
AFTER Project Massive it went to weekday breakfast hours and weekday afternoon hours.  Then Zim was moved to weekend mornings instead of weekday anything.  Quality over quantity for sure.  All good things and a sign that we had found success in our efforts.

Then everything changed when a whole bunch of shows were taken off regular rotation.  It doesn’t seem to reflect badly on Zim or its ratings per se but it certainly was alarming and it meant we had to cancel a big mission involving bringing back the old “watch Invader Zim on ____ network” tags from Hot Topic.

Now you can verify all of our claims about Zim’s schedule history by exploring this reputable fansite NickandMore.com ‘s archives.  

We do not know what Nicktoons plans to do with the show in their schedule afterwards but we are hoping the ratings will be enough to justify it returning to weekend mornings. 

Take care, everybody.

Oct 08



Sep 15

Recent rumor

Edit: We’re big believers in backing up every claim as strongly as possible via reputable resources.   It’s our responsibility to not further misinformation and always extend a communicative hand to those who bring intriguing news/content our way.  Please don’t mistake anything ahead as accusations of misinformation, dishonesty, or the like.  I’m intrigued and I’m looking into things and want to find truth from the source. :)

I didn’t want to address this until further developments occur but since it started on Tumblr and this is our Tumblr blog…. Let’s talk about the rumor of a Zim commercial from the past two days.

We are taking things with a grain of salt but have invited the fan who claimed such to get in touch with us and tell us more. 

I suspect that at best it could mean Zim could be getting a rerun slot on non-United States airwaves.

  I’m aware that NickandMore.com (a very reputable site with its finger on the pulse of Nicktoons/Nickelodeon’s American schedules) has not said a thing about Zim lately and furthermore Zim has been off American airwaves (as far as I know) as of April this year. 

We do not suspect that it means new episodes.  If new episodes were in production it would be far too soon to announce such.

UNTIL THEN….keep nose out for validation of claims. 

Take care everyone!

Aug 28

OPERATION HEAD PIGEONS: Please help get Invader Zim Lego set made -



INVADER ZIM LEGO SET proposal on Cuusoo

It got the attention of the voices of Zim & Gir. ;)

Click the first link below. Read the proposal, click the green button, and answer some brief questions. Reblog this. Then tell your Zim loving friends.

You can also go the extra mile and…

Aug 23

Please help get Invader Zim Lego set made


INVADER ZIM LEGO SET proposal on Cuusoo

It got the attention of the voices of Zim & Gir.  ;)

Click the first link below.  Read the proposal, click the green button, and answer some brief questions.  Reblog this.  Then tell your Zim loving friends.

You can also go the extra mile and spread the word to any relevant forums or sites that would be willing to hear about it.

If ten thousand do it then the Lego company itself will read it and considerate it.   
http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/47322 ) 

No money required.  They’ll ask a hypothetical  question or two about how much money you might spend if Lego approved the project and how many related products would you buy.

It’s not a generic petition that gets nowhere fast.  This website— Cuusoo— is responsible for getting the Back to the Future and Minecraft lego sets greenlit.  It is an opportunity for Lego to find out what the fans would like to see. 

We’re not experts on this nor do we want to bore you with a wall of text.  So if you have questions about how Cuusoo works then check out this blog we found this morning 


"Okay, what does this have to do with bringing Zim back?"

Everything.  We sent letters and we got Nickelodeon’s attention but frankly ever since Jhonen Vasquez announced a possible Johnny the Homicidal Maniac movie we were excited!!…..but concerned that he won’t have time for Zim for a year or two.  So what then?  Well we can’t let Nickelodeon forget about us.  

We’ve supported quite a few Zim related projects, websites, events, merchandise and more.  Why?  Lots of reasons.
1) You get the stuff you want and you oftentimes have the power to help make it happen.  
2) Every connection we gain or accomplishment made it easier for us to be taken seriously.

We could list off the different examples of sites, events, projects, and merchandise makers another time.  Point is: there’s purpose to this.

A fair warning however.  Ten thousand supporters does not guarantee anything.  Cuusoo is where ten thousand Legend of Zelda fans shown support but the greenlight went to the Back to the Future set that got ten thousand supporters, too.  
We think getting ten thousand is a victory enough.  Never let Nickelodeon forget even when Jhonen is busy.
If we get enough by September then Lego will look at the proposal this year.  If not we’d have to wait a bit longer.  

Lastly, this was not our idea.  The nice couple who came up with it just became our new friends and we will do all we can to help make it happen. 

PS- If you have questions please remember that this site serves as our blog rather than our email.  If you inbox us questions, we recommend you not do it anonymously in case we decide to answer it privately and discretely.  We answer anonymous questions if they can springboard into a wider fleshed out discussion.  ;)

Aug 03

Anonymous said: I was a member of the Facebook page for about a year and a half. It seems that no progress has been made on the rivival of this show, and it seems like a mostly lost cause. The reference that continues to be used is years old, and I honestly doubt Jhonen cares about Zim at all anymore. If anything I believe the group should just be used as any other fan group as it seems most if not all credibility is gone-and (it seems) many former admins left.

No visible, open, public knowledge progress or closure yet.  When OHP gets either a yes or a sense of closure then we’ll update everyone.  It’s hard to really assume either right now due to two factors
1) Long drawn out and hush hush process of greenlighting a program 
2) Jhonen’s suddenly has new opportunities and it could affect whether Zim can come back.  Is Nickelodeon going to want to years from now when our momentum is lost?

regarding how this page can be used: OHP can most definitely evolve when closure is provided.  I’ve already addressed that in the last blogpost springboarding from a question asked here.  

Yes, many former admin left and this is because teams evolve and change.  Some handle the public side of OHP, some talk behind scenes providing sagely wisdom, some are available if asked for but need to focus on their lives.  There’s roughly a baker’s dozen admin and that allows foundations to stay up.  It helps that newer admin took the reigns such as Kaitlyn & Marco.